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Chapter 5: Contradictions Exposed (English terminology)

Ms. Temple. The woman Athena and I had met when we were investigating the airport. The large words 'Temple Style Master' written on her suitcase left quite an impression.
Speaking of leaving an impression, there's one other thing.
Her hair was tied with some rather large Japanese hair ornaments. They were clearly made of wood and quite sharp at their point. Sufficient enough as a weapon... I lifted my head, having found a breakthrough.
But Prosecutor Gavin bashed down my elation with ease.
“Ah, Fraulein Temple? No need for the defence to request her. We've already got her waiting in the prosecution lobby. As one of the ones who came to the victim's assistance, we figured her testimony would be important.”
... What.
Seriously... They've already got her lined up? The prosecution is always a step ahead of me.
“Nice timing. Let's summon her to the stand.”
Prosecutor Gavin snapped his fingers. And on cue the courtroom doors opened to admit that woman – Ms. Temple.
... She seemed far more dolled up than necessary. Her kimono sash shone and her hair's volume seemed to be five times what it was at the airport. Speaking of her hair, it still had those ornaments.
“I am greatly honoured to be in your presence today. Hohoho. Ohohoho!”
She fanned herself with a folding fan as she laughed shrilly.
The judge timidly spoke up.
“Uh... So... You're our witness. Your name and occupation, please.”
“My name is Flora Temple! I am the master of the Temple style of ikebana.”
“Ikebana... That's Japanese flower arrangement then.”
“Flowers are our primary focus, but we deal in many other things too. Tea, the koto, calligraphy, how to wear a kimono, everything from tarot card readings to karaoke, if my students want to learn it, then I'll teach it. Hoohhoho!”
... Smells fishy to me.
Ms. Temple continued to shill her services, until the judge cut her off.
“Please testify as to what you saw on the day of the incident.”
“Understood. As the master of the Temple style of testifying, I shall demonstrate the correct way to provide testimony.”
... There's no such thing as a testifying style.
Anyway, with her Temple style etiquette (I guess?), she began her testimony.

“I was planning to catch a plane to go on vacation that day. After passing the hand luggage examination, I was in the departure lobby. There was a soccer match being broadcast on the television, due to my lack of interest in sports, I was instead reading a magazine. Suddenly the people watching the television let out a shout, simultaneously I also heard a loud voice shout 'Woah, what are you doing!?' coming from the hand luggage examination station. The people watching the television turned around and ran over asking 'What happened?', so I was wondering what had just occurred. Which is when I saw Mr. Goodwin collapsed in front of the hand luggage examination counter! His secretary Mr. Secker was cradling him saying 'Pull yourself together'. I was also going to try and assist him, when I noticed his shirt was covered in blood! In my panic, I screamed something, I don't recall my exact words though.”
Ms. Temple, well aware that Prosecutor Gavin and the judge were hanging on her every word, rattled on as if reciting a poem.
Athena whispered to me.
“The Temple style of testifying sure is long winded...”
“Shh. She'll hear you.”
With the testimony finished for now, Prosecutor Gavin asked a question.
“Do you recall anything specific regarding the defendant?”
Ms. Temple's face reddened, and she pulled out a compact case to fix up her make up as she answered.
“Um, the gentleman with the horned haircut, yes? He appeared to try and support the victim before falling on his buttocks. I clearly saw him holding a bloodstained ice pick in one hand though!”
“Please tell us more about Mr. Goodwin's condition.”
“He was unconscious with his eyes rolled back. He had a number of convulsions before he eventually became still and ceased breathing... it was quite terrifying!”
The judge nodded.
“We have a clear picture now. Defence, you may begin the cross examination.”
I looked at Ms. Temple. Not at her face, but at the ornaments in her hair.
“Ms. Temple. Were you wearing those hair ornaments on the day of the incident?”
“Eh? My kanzashi? Ah yes, you've got quite a good eye!”
Ms. Temple laughed cheerfully. I think there's a misunderstanding here...
“These kanzashi are a luxury item made from a 3000 year old ebony tree. These magnificent kanzashi were made over a period of ten years by a legendary craftsman and have a value similar to that of a luxury automobile. But if you want them that badly, I am willing to part with them. For the special price of a mere $10,000...”
“Were you wearing them on the day of the incident?”
I cut off Ms. Temple's sales pitch.
Ms. Temple answered with a disapproving glare.
“Of course I was. I don't feel comfortable without wearing these luxury kanzashi.”
“May I take a look at them?”
“You want to take a look? You should have said so in the first place.”
I walked over to the witness stand. Ms. Temple removed her kanzashi and handed it to me.
“Take a good look and the value of these kanzashi will be obvious. You'd have to be blind not to notice. After all, a master craftsman spent 30 years working on these ultra high quality...”
The amount of time it took to make them just became longer, but I don't care about that.
I took a look at the pointed end of the kanzashi. They're sharp, not not as sharp as the ice pick. I doubt they'd break someone's skin. Besides, Mr. Goodwin was stabbed through his shirt as well.
“Well? You think those wooden kanzashi could kill a man?”
Prosecutor Gavin asked with amusement. Unfortunately, I could only shake my head.
Ms. Temple spoke.
“Kill someone with a kanzashi? What do you mean? Oh my, surely you don't suspect me, do you?”
I thought she was going to get mad, but instead she laughed as she fanned herself.
“That's quite the joke! Why on earth would I want to kill Mr. Goodwin? He was such a fine politician!”
I had no option but to return her kanzashi to her.
“Was there anyone other than yourself and Mr. Secker who came in contact with Mr. Goodwin after he collapsed?”
“Come to think if it, one of the passengers was a doctor. He administered some first aid. Not that it was any use in the end.”
Prosecutor Gavin added to the statement.
“The doctor's name was Herr Doktor Mendel. He was Herr Goodwin's GP.”
“His GP? If his general practitioner was travelling with him, then does that mean Mr. Goodwin actually was battling an illness...?”
“Not at all. There was no ongoing medical treatments, the victim only ever went for annual check ups. And he wasn't travelling with Herr Goodwin either. He had no idea that they were going to be on the same flight.”
So being on the same flight was a coincidence...?
Although he was one of the people to touch the fallen Mr. Goodwin. As a doctor, he would be well versed in poisons. I should check him out just in case.
Ms. Temple spoke.
“Oh my, are you suspecting the doctor? I can vouch for his innocence.”
“Eh? How can you be sure of that?”
“Because everyone on the scene was subjected to a body search. The doctor, the other passengers and obviously myself possessed no potential weapons.”
“A body search...?”
Seriously? New facts just keep on springing up...
Prosecutor Gavin explained.
“The police who arrived on the scene right after the murder performed body searches on everyone present. Initially they were thinking of forgoing the procedure as a suspect was already apprehended. But ultimately it was requested they perform body searches to act on the safe side.”
“And what prompted that decision?”
“The secretary, Herr Secker.”
The overly serious secretary...
“Going by the crime scene, suspicion would have obviously fallen on the defendant. Isn't it unnatural to request a body search under those circumstances?”
Prosecutor Gavin shook his head in response to my question.
“It never hurts to be sure. Herr Forehead apparently kept shouting 'It wasn't me, the true culprit is out there'. Taking those words into account, Herr Secker requested everyone be searched just in case.”
And because Mr. Secker took Apollo's words into account, all other possible suspects have been eliminated...
I'll have to settle on using a flimsy excuse of a bluff now.
“Something could have been overlooked during the body searches...”
“No way.”
Prosecutor Gavin flatly denied the possibility.
“The weapon would've been covered in blood and poison. You think the police could miss an item like that?”
“In the time it took the police to arrive, the true culprit may have disposed of the weapon somewhere...”
“How? You can't just leave a bloodstained poisoned weapon lying about, someone would find it.”
“The prosecutor is right.”
Ms. Temple had pulled out her compact case again, touched up her face, and smiled at Prosecutor Gavin.
“Besides until the police arrived, everyone was kept together in the waiting room. Nobody would have had any opportunity to dispose of a weapon.”
“By everyone, you mean all the passengers?”
“Indeed. Along with any staff who were in the vicinity. It was everyone present at the time of the incident.”
“Nobody left their seat to visit the bathroom or anything?”
“Not one. From the time we entered the waiting room to the arrival of the police was only about ten minutes. Nobody left the room during that period.”
“And before you ask, there was a full search done on the waiting room. Nothing odd surfaced.”
The more I hear, the worse Apollo's case becomes...
Am I looking at this from the wrong angle? Was the stabbing not done when the others ran over?
... No. That was the only time at which anyone other than Apollo could have stabbed him. I can't be wrong. Which means...
“What kind of state were all the people in the waiting room in?”
“They were all unsettled and noisy. I was the only one to maintain composure.”
“So you were calm then?”
“Of course. As the master of the Temple school, I maintain my composure at all times. Among the commotion in the waiting room, I was the only one who thought to notify the victim's family.”
“His... family?”
“His wife, of course. I thought to contact Mr. Goodwin's wife. However, I didn't know their home number so I wasn't able to make the call. I decided to ask the others in the room, but nobody else knew the number eith...”
I cut Ms. Temple off and took a deep breath.
Ms. Temple's testimony had been fairly solid up until now, but I'd just found a huge contradiction.
“Nobody? Not a single person knew Mr. Goodwin's home number?”
“That's right, your point being...?”
“That's odd though. His secretary Mr. Secker should have been there.”
Ms. Temple stared blankly for a moment in response to my assertion.
Then her face suddenly reddened to the point where it was noticeable even through her thick makeup.
“Oh, ooh, of course! Mr. Secker was in the waiting room!”
“And Mr. Goodwin's secretary didn't know his boss's phone number? Doesn't sound likely to me.”
“Th-th-that's, well, uh...!”
“Shouldn't it have been the secretary's responsibility to contact the family anyway? Are you saying a highly dedicated professional like Mr. Secker just sat around waiting for the police without contacting the victim's next of kin?”
Wh-what of it!? It ain't like Mr. Secker is perfect at everything!”
Ms. Temple's behaviour took a 180 degree turn. Her mask of composure was crumbling to reveal her true face.
“The same Mr. Secker who was composed enough to request body searches for everyone was zoned out at this point?”
“Th-th-that's right. Mr. Secker was too wrapped up in his grief at losing Mr. Goodwin to be thinking clearly.”
“He was so wrapped up in his grief that he didn't think to call Mr. Goodwin's relatives? Despite being his secretary?”
“That's... Th... That's...”
“Tell us the truth, Ms. Temple.”

Ms. Temple fanned herself franticly as she sweated profusely, before finally hanging her head in resignation. Her previous bravado having faded like an illusion, she spoke in a deflated manner.
“Mr. Secker... never came to the waiting room...”
“Where was he?”
“I don't know... He didn't enter the room and wandered off... He said he needed some time alone. With that dreamy voice of his...”
– I could do without the swooning, madam.
“That's what he said... While staring directly into my eyes!!”
Ms. Temple covered her face as she squirmed about.
... I've suspected it for a little while... but Mr. Secker is apparently this woman's type.
But this has brought an important fact to light.
“At the time all related parties were gathered in the waiting room, Mr. Secker was somewhere on his own. He would have had the opportunity to dispose of any evidence!”
“Oh my, not quite.”
Ms. Temple returned to her previous tone of voice as she cut off my assertion.
“Mr. Secker wasn't the only one missing from the waiting room.”
“... What was that?”
“After Mr. Secker left, that doctor followed after him. Neither Mr. Secker or the doctor entered the waiting room and returned shortly before the police arrived.”
What... Another fact has come to light.
I raised my voice.
“By the doctor, you mean the victim's GP, Dr. Mendel? So his secretary and doctor were somewhere on their own away from other people... I think this is a very important detail!”
If they were in cahoots, they could've easily disposed of the weapon.
Alright... I'm finally catching a glimpse of the truth! It seems Prosecutor Gavin wasn't expecting this development. The cool smile he'd been floating until now had disappeared as he began to sweat, staring right at me.
“– Herr Secker and Herr Doktor Mendel were only on their own for about ten minutes before the police arrived, right? Do you really think it'd be possible to dispose of the weapon in such a short period, in an airport no less?”
“A magician could make a skyscraper vanish in the blink of an eye.”
“Neither Herr Secker nor Herr Doktor Mendel are magicians.”
“Either way, they had opportunity to destroy the evidence. I demand their testimony!”
Prosecutor Gavin was left speechless. The judge nodded.
“I acknowledge the defence's request. Until we can summon them to the stand, I believe this trial should be suspen–”
“No need for that.”
A calm voice spoke from the top seats of the gallery.
Standing there was none other than Mr. Secker.
So he's been in the stands listening this whole time?
The judge's eyes widened.
“Oho, you're here already? Then there's no need to summon you. Would you please come forward and provide your testimony?”
“Of course.”
Mr. Secker stood calmly at the witness stand as he adjusted his neck tie with one hand.
The judge spoke.
“You may begin your testimony. Your name and occupation please.”
“Terry Secker. I'm the secretary of the deceased, Mr. Goodwin.”
This is where I step up. I turned to face Mr. Secker.
“What were you and Dr. Mendel doing during the time all the other involved parties were in the waiting room?”
“We were talking on the observation deck. Dr. Mendel and I were both bewildered that such an unbelievable event had occurred. We were unable to settle down and talk in a room full of people so we went to the secluded observation deck.”
“What did you discuss?”
“Nothing in particular... We were both kind of out of it. Just small comments like 'What a terrible incident' and 'The culprit is a monster' were about all we could muster.”
“You didn't think of contacting Mr. Goodwin's family or other related parties at all?”
“I did, of course. But my phone had no reception on the observation deck. I didn't think about it again until after the police had completed their search.”
“You were with Dr. Mendel the whole time? Was there anyone else on the observation deck?”
“There was nobody else. Just the two of us.”
“In that case, the two of you...”
“The two of us could have been in cahoots disposing of the murder weapon... is that it? Good grief.”
Mr. Secker cut me off, shaking his head in disappointment.
“There's nothing on the observation deck, just an empty space. Where would I hide a weapon in such a place?”
I thought about the observation deck's layout.
It was an open deck facing the tarmac.
It had no roof and was surrounded by a two meter fence to prevent anyone from falling.
Could the weapon have been thrown through the gaps in the fence...?

Prosecutor Gavin spoke as if reading my thoughts.
“If the weapon was thrown from the observation deck, it would've landed on the tarmac. The police performed thorough examinations of both those areas. Nothing out of the ordinary was found.”
“But the weapon would've been a small needle-like object. And the police were searching a pretty big haystack...”
“So you still insist that the police investigation was insufficient?”
Prosecutor Gavin shook his head.
“The police aren't so incompetent to overlook a bloodstained weapon covered in poison. If such an item were on either the deck or tarmac, it would've been found.”
Mr. Secker smoothly interjected.
“If such a weapon did actually exist, then what of the ice pick in the defendant's hands? A bloodstained ice pick dipped in poison. I suppose according to your argument it was some kind of 'dummy' prepared by the true culprit...”
Mr. Secker gave a bitter laugh as he shrugged.
“Are you saying that the true culprit deliberately prepared an ice pick covered in blood and poison and dropped it by the defendant's feet? By the way, Dr. Mendel and myself were both in the departure lobby at the time watching TV with the other passengers. Do you think that from all the way over there we could somehow drop an ice pick next to the defendant in the hand luggage examination area and not be noticed?”
I had no counterargument. His assertion... was airtight.
Mr. Secker continued pressing for answers.
“Rather than making these bold leaps of logic, why don't we consider this rationally? Neither this true culprit or true non-metallic weapon exist. The defendant stabbed and killed my boss with the poisoned ice pick... That's all there is to it.”
Ugh... At this rate we don't even need a prosecutor here.
This man is liable to end the trial all on his own.
The judge spoke.
“I see, we've all been lead into quite the labyrinth. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the true one. Any objections from the defence?”
Of course. If I don't object now, we'll be hit with a guilty verdict.
“Mr. Wright...”
Athena gave me a forlorn look.
Think. There has to be a contradiction somewhere. Apollo isn't a killer... Which leads me to ask... who killed Mr. Goodwin... and how?
It's hopeless. I can't think of anything. The timing with which Mr. Goodwin fell, the ice pick, everything points to Apollo as the killer.
But I can't stay silent. I need to prevent a guilty verdict.
“... There's something important which still hasn't been made clear.”
I desperately ran my mouth.
“Something important? Like what?”
“The motive, of course!”
I raised my voice as if my life depended on it.
“There was no connection between the victim and the defendant. There was no reason to kill him. Until a motive is made clear, it's too soon to hand down a verdict!”
“A motive? I could think of a few.”
Mr. Secker said irritated.
“There's people out there who resort to violence simply due to an uncontrollable rage at the world. It's clear the defendant is simply one of those types.”
“Apollo isn't like that!”
Athena snapped, unable to contain herself.
The judge banged his gavel as a warning.
“We are in court. Please keep your personal opinions in check. It is true that there is no established motive, but all other points have been made clear. I see no reason to hold back from declaring my verdict.”
“You can't...!”
“If there are no further objections, I will hand down my verdict.”
The judge cleared his throat and looked around the courtroom.
Hold it!
An unexpected person raised their voice.
It was none other than – Prosecutor Gavin.
Mr. Secker raised an eyebrow in suspicion. The judge shook his head.
“What's this? An objection from the prosecution? What is the meaning of this, Prosecutor Gavin?”
Prosecutor Gavin responded calmly.
“The matter of motive is bothering me as well. I can't think of any reason that Herr Forehead would kill anyone.”
“Eh... Eeeh? But, you're the one pressing the charge of murder against the defendant...?”
“Of course, I haven't changed my position on that. But I won't be satisfied unless the full truth can be brought to light. Simply exposing the culprit and their method isn't enough. It's only when the motive is made clear that the pieces come together.”
“Th... That's, well... I suppose... that's true...?”
The judge wasn't sure how to respond. It's only natural though. After all the one stepping in the way of his guilty verdict was the prosecution.

“One more day. One more day to uncover his motive.”
Prosecutor Gavin spoke smoothly as he played his air guitar.
Athena had her hands clasped together as she jumped for joy.
“Amazing! I can hear Prosecutor Gavin's rocking guitar!”
... I don't hear a thing.
But we're safe for now. It's an odd feeling for your opponent to pull you out of the fire at the eleventh hour, but that's just the kind of guy Prosecutor Gavin is.
The judge nodded, also overwhelmed by the air guitar.
“If that's what the prosecution wants, then I'll agree to it. I'll postpone my verdict until tomorrow. I would like both the defence and prosecution to try and determine the motive for this crime.”
I nodded. We're still at an incredible disadvantage, but we've been given another day of reprieve. I'll track down the true culprit if it's the last thing I do...!